Optimize New or Recapitalize Existing Systems

A warfighter is shown training on a Conflict Kinetics synthetic system.

IP Convergence (IPC) has a proven track record
of implementing training technology in the field. 
IPC does not manufacture simulator or synthetic systems, so the emphasis on technological features is secondary, while delivering measurable results becomes primary.

IPC courseware, content, and the Results Driven Program® (RDP) can be applied to new synthetic and simulation systems, or can be used to reintegrate and recapitalize existing assets.  The RDP methodology can be adapted to address a
wide range of requirements and is designed to include a variety of assets, including:
- simulators
- synthetic systems
- computer and mobile-based training                 
- live fire training
- all testing and training activity where detailed performance metrics add value.



Synthetic Definition: A use of technology that focuses on skill transfer in environments that do not necessarily represent reality.  Synthetic Systems shift focus to instructional systems design/development and transfer of specific skills beyond the training environment.  Synthetic content tends to be more quickly created than branching video or game engine-based scenarios.


Simulation Definition: Technology that focuses on replicating the real world conditions as closely as possible.  Simulation Systems focus on creating real world situations requiring reactions or judgments.  Simulation content tends to require specialized talent to create new content.