IPC delivers successful weapons training – meeting the distinct requirements of military and law enforcement units.  While each group has its own unique operating environments and rules of engagement, both groups greatly benefit from the force-multiplying of simulation and synthetic technologies implemented within IPC developed training courses.  For longer-term engagements, the Results Driven Program® adds unique value, providing processes and tools for creating an adaptive training program that maintains relevance while complying with doctrine and applicable laws.

Law Enforcment Courses

From basics to advanced concepts, IPC has solutions for Law Enforcement Training

IPC offers high impact courses for law enforcement.  Agencies at the national, state, and local levels will all benefit from IPC’s flexible onsite training solutions.  These courses are offered in flexible formats to cater to budget restrictions.

New demands are being placed on law enforcement units and a new approach to weapons training is vital to meeting those demands.  

Course titles include:
- Weapon Retention / Combatives
- Designated Marksmanship, Synthetic Enabled
- Synthetic Enhanced Marksmanship for Carbine
- Threat Non-Threat Rapid Recognition under Pressure
- Mental Agility under Pressure


military Courses

IPC programs of instruction and training services add value across a range of skill sets, from Basic Rifle Marksmanship to Close Quarter Combat, and host of other subject areas.  IPC has proven excellence in developing and delivering courses to meet the requirements of military using new and existing technologies in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Training success is measured in transfer to live fire qualfications
and real world performance

As the politics of Washington and the world change, so do the rules of engagement and operational constructs of the military. The adaptive nature of IPC training allows for programs of instruction to keep pace with these changing conditions.  This provides a single program of instruction that changes and adapts to maintain relevance.  

Course titles include:
- Synthetic Basic Rifle Marksmanship, “Army 8”
- Synthetic Basic Rifle Marksmanship “Simplified 3”
- Navy 3591 Synthetic Carbine Training, Remediation and Sustainment
- Synthetic Enhanced Marksmanship for Carbine
- Combatives
- Checkpoint Operations
- Mental Agility under Pressure