Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a critical component of managing performance in projects and programs.  As government decision makers seek to make their operations more efficient, as well as effective, M&E provides the necessary metrics data to identify factors that contribute to success, and to make decisions and adjustments as required.  M&E provides the evidence base to support resource allocation decisions and to identify how successes can be replicated.

M&E is a key factor in the Results Driven Program® (RDP).   Within all RDP phases -- from Initiating to Closing – M&E is addressed.  Within the planning phases of the RDP, key performance parameters are identified and documented, and plans for how the M&E process will be supported are established.  These are then acted upon within the execution phase, where onsite preparation, training operations, and metrics collection are performed.  The planning phase of the RDP also documents how M&E will be addressed throughout the monitoring & controlling phase, which acts as a background set of processes, and ultimately delivers the required metrics.

If the Monitoring and Evaluation factor is important to your organization, contact IPC and request to speak with a consultant.  Whether large or small scale, some level of M&E is feasible and affordable within all training programs.