Content Definition: the subject matter, relevant topics, and media contained within a course.  This definition typically includes the training concepts, text, images, videos, study-a-head materials, system tasks, and follow-on materials, delivered in whole or part to facilitate training.

From rapid onsite content production, to full crew  LA based production runs, IPC has experience producing and implementing effective content.

The development of appropriate content is often overlooked, replaced by eye-catching, add-on features. IPC personnel have experience developing and implementing content that supports program objectives and holds the attention of participants.  It is now feasible to develop high impact simulation and synthetic content onsite with customers. 

The development of content together with training cadre, command, researchers, or other stakeholders significantly reduces the development lifecycle costs and time.  This ultimately leads to highly effective testing and training content, delivered via highly efficient machines.  This combination has a force multiplying effect, where fewer training cadre can train larger groups in more skill sets, while simultaneously reducing overall costs.

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Courseware Definition: Concepts and materials designed to structure training delivery and to facilitate learning.

Courseware is the foundation of training. The IPC team has over thirty years of experience developing impactful courseware across a variety of disciplines.  Using subject matter experts for content and training specialists for design, IPC courseware is built to deliver documented information in an engaging format.

IPC has the specialty of developing courseware for simulators and synthetic systems.  While these systems are highly efficient, there is often a gap in their effectiveness.  Applying purpose-built courseware to these simulation/synthetic technologies raises the level of effectiveness.  The structured nature of the courseware enables training cadre to join the use of these technologies with familiar training settings. 

IPC owns a library of course titles spanning subject areas from professional development to law enforcement and military training. 

IPC also develops custom courseware.  This process uses the Instructional Systems Design/Development (ISD) ADDIE model for courseware development.
By researching customer requirements and requests,
the IPC team can ensure that the courseware delivers the customer’s required results.

For testing and evaluation applications, courseware becomes the operational instructions, tying onsite activities to the metrics collection processes of the simulator.